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See what separates the Catalyst
from the competition.

Unmatched Performance.

Professionals Best Choice in Folding
Ultra-Lightweight Mobility.

A Titanium Catalyst.

Max Your Performance.

Reimbursement Friendly.

Realize Affordability Without the Sacrifice of Quality.

Best-In-Class Performance.

Lightest and Most Energy Efficient K0004 Folding Chair on the Market.

Resist Conformity. Go Rogue.

A Sleek Look. A Light Frame.

A stiffer more responsive ride all at an
affordable price that doesn't mean
sacrificing quality.

A Sleek Look. A Light Frame.

A stiffer more responsive ride all at an
affordable price that doesn't mean
sacrificing quality.

Not Just Evolutionary.

Welcome to Complex Rotation.

Growth with an Edge.

Flip the Script on Ordinary.

Designed to be as unique as your child.

Not Just a Wheelchair.
A Member of the Team.

Designed for Our Next Generation.

Imagine the Possibilities.

Designed to keep up, to change, to grow
and to move easily with you and your child.

Easier to Grow. Easier on the Eye.

Where form adds function and the flexibility
to adapt to virtually any seating system.

Reinvent Your Wheelchair Experience


Short description of cushion.

Short description of cushion.

Short description of cushion.

Short description of cushion.

Short description of cushion.

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Center of Gravity
  • •    2" of COG in 1/2" increments
  • •    More adjustment over a greater range
Adjustable Camber
  • •    4° of Adjustable Camber
  • •    Optimize now or later
  • •    No additional parts needed
Rear Seat Height
  • •    5" of rear seat height adjustment
  • •    Sleek Axle Plate design
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The AcrobatTM by SoftWheel is a patented in-wheel suspension technology that kicks into action only when the wheelchair encounters an obstacle. The hub shifts downward allowing the three suspension pistons to compress and expand accordingly, absorbing the shock impact so your body doesn't have to.

Better By Design includes listening to your feedback and taking action. Ki Mobility continues to improve product performance, offer more options such as the ability to utilize adaptive switching, integrate reclining back, and even make it easier to recharge at the end of the day.

  • Motor Disengagement System (Pull pin)
  • Interface Control Box Option, provides plug in locations for Adaptive Switches
  • New location for Charging System Plugin
  • Reclining back now available
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  • Same retail pricing
  • One Order Form, PO, and Invoice
  • Convenience of all components shipping together
Pro ELR - Patent Pending
  • Height adjustable pivot location for optimal knee position
  • Height and depth adjustable calf pad for a proper fit
  • In line elevating lever reduces unintended activation
Height Adjustable Flip Back Armrest
  • Industry's best height adjustable arm now flips back
  • Eliminates armrest interference with back canes
  • Easily retrofit on any Catalyst 5 or 5Vx!
4-Way Hanger Release
  • 8 positions for different client or caregiver needs
  • Leave footrests on when folding Little Wave Flip
  • Allows for offset frame and anterior tilt on Focus CR
Locking Extendable Flip Back Armrest
  • Strongest cantilever armrest - 400 lb. weight capacity
  • Reduces interference with aftermarket backrests
  • 4 different arm pad options available
Half-Fold Backrest
  • Easily fold the back canes for a more compact package
  • Height adjustable with multiple push handle options
Fixed Height Back with Angle Adjustable Handle
  • 1" diameter to accommodate seating and positioning
  • Available on Focus CR and Little Wave Flip
16" Mag with Low Profile Poly
  • Improves floor-to-seat heights on Focus CR
  • Full-width, tread-less design reduces debris tracking
Luggage Carriers
  • 2 part design with inlay grip supports up to 55 lbs.
  • Available in April
PHASE2 Carbon Shock Absorbing Fork
  • Constructed from a carbon composite material which results in 30% weight savings and smoother ride
  • 300 lb. weight capacity
One-Arm Drive with 20" & 22" wheels
  • Markets first one-arm drive system with camber, is now available in 20" and 22" X-Core Mag wheels
  • Multiple hand rim configuration options to meet individual clients needs
  • Available on Clik
Catalyst brought one-of-a-kind features to the Complex Rehab Industry in 2006. With continuous enhancements and Catalyst exclusive innovations, Catalyst was and still remains the best performing ultra-lightweight folding chair on the market.
What's our newest Catalyst exclusive innovation? Our effective cross brace design has been enhanced! This rigid redesigned oval profile increases durability and ride quality resulting in higher performance than ever before!
A few of our customer's other favorite enhancements include:
  • 12.9 lb - Transport Weight!
  • 7000 Series Aluminum on all Catalyst models for a stronger, lighter wheelchair.
  • Seat Depth = frame depth. Every time. Never have a seat sling sitting inches behind the front frame.
  • Black Fasteners - all black! By popular demand!
  • 20 Color Options with both gloss and matte finish choices. Yellow is now available on ALL Catalyst chairs!
  • Hard Anodized Handrim - are NO COST to the customer. Comes in 24", 25" and 26".
  • Lifetime Warranty on Patented Swing Away Footrest Hanger - only with Ki!
  • X-Core Mags - eliminate pounds from standard chair configurations!
  • Tension Adjustment - added to our seat upholstery.
  • Composite Angle Adjustable Footplate - Now available!
One-Arm Drive
  • Markets first one-arm drive system with camber, now you can have the benefits of camber with a one-arm drive
  • Multiple hand rim configuration options to meet individual clients needs
  • Available on the Catalyst, Rogue and Focus
Catalyst Reclining Back
  • Innovative Reclining Back is now available on the Catalyst 5
  • Design incorporates an automatic locking feature into the gas spring
  • Smooth, positive recline motion
  • Recline angle ranges from 0-65 degrees
Focus CR Self-Propel Axle Plate
  • Allows for a CG wheel access position similar to a folding or rigid wheelchair
  • Designed to help a tilt-in-space rider propel themselves
New Sleek Ergonomic
Push Handle Grips
  • Upgraded push handle grips
  • Available on all folding and rigid chairs
  • More positive and comfortable hold
  • Replacement kits available for easy field replacement

Now available for quoting!

Drum Brake

  • Adding the unique option of a true braking system
  • Provides caregivers more control while maneuvering on slopes
  • Available in 16" Poly or Pneumatic

Heavy Duty Option

  • 400 lb. user weight capacity
  • Available on Focus CR